What Partnership Entails

We provide Partnership Support on a biblical model. The Apostle Paul sums it up like this:-

If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you? 1 CORINTHIANS 9:11 NIV

This means that those who bring a life-changing message to people have the right to expect that those who receive this message and have their lives transformed by it should financially reward the people who teach them.

Being a Billionaire Partner means that you agree to support this ministry financially and in prayer. However, it is only right that your financial support is based on tangible RESULTS i.e. you actually prosper as a result of what you learn from our teachings. You are not obligated to do your part until you are satisfied that we have done ours.

In other words, if you financially prosper after reading or listening to my teachings – and you are fully satisfied that this increase came to you as a direct result of what you read or heard – then it is only right that I can expect you to “look after” me out of your financial harvest. That is biblical and it is very fair.

You can partner with me on the understanding that should you benefit in a measurable way from my teachings, you will pay me a donation/tribute/percentage i.e. however best you define it for yourself. The Partnership option means that you are not obliged to give me one penny until you have proved to yourself that this stuff works!

Let me reiterate – I am more than happy to be “paid” on results and confident that, if you follow the teachings faithfully, you will improve your financial state.

The choice is yours, friend. The benefit of partnership is that we PARTNER TOGETHER and this means you can expect to share in the anointings, breakthroughs and blessing that this ministry walks in.

The only time and occasion you make a financial contribution is when you want to or feel led to. I know this stuff works – and so do those partners who put it into operation.

This “honour payment” is the ideal way for us to be partners together in superabundant supply. Either way, I will never ask you for a penny in donations.