Your Power To Get Wealth Part 2

I want to share with you an amazing truth about your power to get wealth. Please read this teaching as an introduction.

And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day. DEUTERONOMY 8:18 NKJV

You will see here that God gives us the power to get wealth. It isn’t an Old Covenant blessing because it predates the Law. It is part of the Abrahamic Covenant.

The power to get wealth is what I call the Billionaire Blessing of Abraham. Genesis chapter 12 tells us that God promised to bless Abraham and a short time later, after a trip to Egypt, Abraham comes back so wealthy that he struggles to find land big enough to contain his possessions (see Genesis 13:1-5).

Abraham is blessed at billionaire levels just by being God’s covenant partner and friend.

Now note that the power to get wealth is given to us to establish the covenant that God made with the fathers i.e. Abraham, his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob. This word “establish” means to confirm or ratify. It means to prove the veracity!

Some theology smartalec might point out this power spoken of in Deuteronomy 8:18 was given to Israelites in the Old Testament; however, it is clear from the text itself that it is not part of the Sinatic Covenant or the Law – it is an Abrahamic Covenant blessing.

God gave the power to get wealth as a means of establishing the covenant He made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”), that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. GALATIANS 3:13,14 NKJV

Jesus was made a curse to get this Billionaire Blessing of Abraham upon us. So it is clearly a blessing that transcends the Old Covenant. It predates the Law.

And this I say, that the law, which was four hundred and thirty years later, cannot annul the covenant that was confirmed before by God in Christ, that it should make the promise of no effect. GALATIANS 3:17 NKJV

More than four hundred years before the Law – which formed the contract made with YHWH by the children of Israel as part of the Sinatic Covenant – the covenant of YHWH with Abraham was in effect.

The Law cannot make the Billionaire Blessing of Abraham of no effect, even though Israelites were obliged to keep it and failure to do so hampered their ability to walk in blessing.

Now we have seen that the power of God to get wealth is given to ratify or confirm the Abrahamic Covenant. But look at this verse in Galatians 3:17 – it tells us that God confirmed or ratified the Abrahamic Covenant IN CHRIST!!!

Put these two verses (Deuteronomy 8:18 and Galatians 3:17) together and it is abundantly evident that CHRIST IS OUR POWER TO GET WEALTH!!

God has given us the ultimate advantage economically by giving us Himself. When you think upon it, it is impossible to fail in life if we just let Him live big in us.

The power to walk in infinite levels of supply and manifest billions is resident in us. We are God’s house. We are the Bank of Infinite Supply.

We are the answer to systemic poverty in the earth.

God has put you on this earth to be a portal that taps into supply from the glory realms above in order to met the needs of mankind.

You are blessed to be a blessing!


Your Power To Get Wealth

And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day. DEUTERONOMY 8:18 NKJV

God gives the power to get wealth. Israelites had this back under the Old Covenant but, because their rightstanding with God was based on keeping the Law, this power to get wealth was often hampered by their backsliding.

Note that this power to obtain wealth was part of the Abrahamic Covenant, not the Sinaitic Covenant which we know as the Old Covenant. This is why this wonderful blessing is available to us today – we are blessed in Abraham (Galatians 3:8,9). God has ordained that the power to get wealth is what establishes the Abrahamic Covenant. The Abrahamic Covenant is the over-arching covenant with man of which the Old and New Covenants are components. Jesus came to fulfil God’s promises and oath to Abraham.

Walking in the power to get wealth – what we are calling Abraham’s Billionaire Blessing – was available under the Old Covenant that God made with the children of Israel at Sinai. But their failure to keep the Law hindered this power from having its full flow in the lives of God’s people. This was because failure to adhere to the strict demands of the Law brought curses upon those who transgressed (see Deuteronomy 28).

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”) that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. GALATIANS 3:13,14 NKJV

Jesus redeemed us from this hindrance i.e. the curse of the Law, by becoming a curse for us. This removed the obstacle so that the power to get wealth could work without hindrance in our lives. Remember that it was YHWH who said the power to get wealth was what established i.e. proved the Abrahamic Covenant. If you have a problem with this, take it up with Him!

Now, the promise of the Spirit mentioned here in Galatians 3:14 simply refers to the indwelling Presence and power of the Spirit of God coming to live within us. It is one thing to work for a billionaire – many of us do- but it is another thing entirely when a billionaire comes to live in your home! No more cheap furnishings or ten year old bangers sitting in your driveway! Billionaires don’t live substandard lives or shop in charity shops.

The God of Infinite Supply lives in you. HIS power to get wealth resides in your spirit.

The giving of the Holy Ghost meant that God’s power would be no longer just with or for His people – it would be IN them!!

This power to get wealth is now upgraded to the nth degree. It is not subject to any Old Covenant or Law restrictions. The power to get wealth is part of a covenant that predates the Law.

And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect. GALATIANS 3:17 MEV

The Law could not make the promise of the Abrahamic Covenant of no effect. In other words, the Abrahamic Blessing was not negated by the Law. However, the curse of the Law had to be removed so that this Blessing could flow freely. Jesus fulfilled the righteous requirements of the Law and nailed the curses to the Cross in His own body.

The Abrahamic Blessing predates the Law. The Law was given with the Old Covenant. Now we have a New Covenant and God has come to live in us. This means the power to get wealth is not external to us.

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you… ACTS 1:8 NKJV

The power of the Holy Spirit has come upon us and in us. This is the power to get wealth!!

The word “power” here is dunamis in the Greek and means power, might, strength and ability. It means the power to do miracles.

One meaning of dunamis not often mentioned is: the power and influence which belong to riches; (pecuniary ability), wealth.

In other words, the power to get wealth!!!

The Holy Spirit comes upon us to give us power to obtain wealth!

Romans 1:16 tells us that the Gospel is the power of God. This is also dunamis in Greek. This is why the Gospel is to be preached to the poor – when we preach, it literally empowers people to get wealth.

God has given us His Word and His Spirit as the power to obtain wealth. You may not have heard this but you are going to hear it more and more.

This wonderful revelation is going to hit planet earth and shatter the Babylonian world system into pieces.

The glory of the Lord will cover this earth as the waters cover the sea.

What God Commands

Who serves as a soldier at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat its grapes? Who tends a flock and does not drink the milk? Do I say this merely on human authority? Doesn’t the Law say the same thing? For it is written in the Law of Moses: “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain.” Is it about oxen that God is concerned? Surely he says this for us, doesn’t he? Yes, this was written for us, because whoever plows and threshes should be able to do so in the hope of sharing in the harvest. If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you? If others have this right of support from you, shouldn’t we have it all the more? 1 CORINTHIANS 9:7-12 NIV

There is a principle here that must be learned by all who are seeking to walk in financial abundance. In fact, it is for everyone.

It is this: You must reward your spiritual leaders and mentors with material means. In short, you need to pay them.

Now it is more than likely that these spiritual leaders will not charge a fee for their service. Yes, some are salaried by the church or ministry they work for; however, 1 Timothy 5:17 instructs us that leaders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.

I don’t know if double honour means literally double their pay or if it is just highlighting a principle that they be paid above and beyond.

Let me put it in a way you will understand: It ought to be your heart that those who feed you in the Word should live in the biggest house in your town, drive the best of cars and wear the finest clothes.

Paul says that other people have the right to expect to be paid for what they do. The man who mows your lawn expects to get paid. The woman who cleans your house twice a week does it for wages. The labourer is worthy of his hire.

Of course, when you receive teaching from a man or woman of God, very often that minister lives by faith. In Christian culture, they dare not charge a fee and nor would they want to if they are genuine servants of God.

This is the paradox and the conundrum – ministry is delivered free at the point of delivery (Hebrews 10:8); however, as the above scripture and others tell us, those who receive this ministry are obliged to reward the ministers with material and financial benefits.

Failure to do so is likened to muzzling an ox while it is treading out the grain. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that muzzling an ox will only result in a lack of productivity. Letting the ox have some of the grain will keep it strong so it can trample the grain more effectively.

Ministers should be paid. God commands it! 1 Corinthians 9:14 tells us that those who preach the Gospel should receive their living from preaching the Gospel. Preachers should be recompensed for their work.

I have found myself listening to a preacher, being blessed by his or her teaching and realising I had an obligation to sow into their ministry. Be careful what you hear if you are stingy when it comes to giving to the work of the ministry! This give a whole new meaning to James 5:4… Let he who has an ear, hear…

Jesus Himself was supported by donors (Luke 8:1-3). Many women gave to His ministry. If He set this as an example, who are we to discount the practice? Yes, Paul did not avail himself of the right to be paid in relation to ministering to the Corinthian church but it is clear that this was the exception. A careful reading of the first six chapters of Acts shows  us that a considerable amount of money came in to the Early Church and it can be surmised that a good portion of this money enabled the Twelve to be full-time paid ministers, able to devote themselves to preaching and praying (see Acts 6:1-4).

It is wrong that believers should have to be told to bless their leaders and mentors financially; it ought to be a burning desire in each of us to want the very best materially for those who teach us and have the rule over us.

Yes, there have been abuses by preachers who use this principle to “guilt” people into giving, or twist the prosperity message in such a way that you can only prosper if you give to them. But the principle is pure because it is of the Lord. When taught and understood correctly, it will yield blessing.

I do believe if we will honour God’s servants, He will honour us. And honour is the key word here because payment of preachers is based on a culture of honour. Where there is no honour, there is no real manifestation of Kingdom or true expression of ekklesia. Yes, there is a financial reward for giving and the fact that unscrupulous people manipulate this to raise funds for ministries doesn’t negate the glorious truth.

Real men and women of God do not make merchandise of the Gospel, nor do they sell blessings – they are not theirs to sell. And I am convinced that the Lord takes such crooked dealing with His people very seriously. Thankfully, I believe these practices will be exposed and removed from the Body of Christ as the true revelation of financial superabundance becomes more and more known.

Nevertheless, the truth of our need to be more responsible in financially supporting and blessing authentic ministries and ministers that spread the Word still remains.

If you are blessed by someone who has shared with you spiritual truth, you are obligated to bless them back with your dosh.

That really is the Gospel truth.

You can read more on this subject in my ebook: Honouring Leaders Financially


Just A Thought…

Those who have read my book JESUS: MILLIONAIRE will be aware of the cogent argument that Jesus was not poor on this earth until He went to the Cross; in fact, far from it. You can read the book here.

In the book I reflect on something the Holy Spirit brought to my attention – that Jesus could not have asked the rich young ruler to do something He had not or could not do Himself i.e. give away his wealth (see Luke 18:18-30).

Jesus was funded from an early age at the level of royalty. The caravan train bringing Him wealth was so vast it frightened the people of Jerusalem.

Now it stands to reason that, probably after making provision for His mother and siblings, Jesus gave His wealth away.

Here is what I believe is a possible scenario:

Jesus preached Good News to the poor, based on verses from Isaiah 61. Kenneth Hagin speculates that this was a sermon Jesus possibly preached as a mission statement pretty much wherever He went.

Of course, good news to the poor is not that they have a wee cabin over the hilltop when they die. It is that poverty days are over and God is going to prosper them here on earth!

Now my thought is, what if it was more than that?

By this I mean that Jesus practised what James wrote in his epistle:

 If a brother or sister is naked and lacking daily food, and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” and yet you give them nothing that the body needs, what does it profit? JAMES 2:15,16 MEV

Jesus’ words certainly had the power in them to break the shackles of poverty but what if it was more than that? What if He gave money to the poor out of His vast fortune?

We know from scripture that Jesus was always giving to the poor. In John 13 we read that when Judas left the upper room at the Last Supper it was thought he was going to give to the poor (v29). This means it must have been a common thing for him to do.

Judas was the treasurer and he was prone to dip into the funds to help himself (John 12:6). This implies there was always plenty in the bag because if it was only a few pence it would not have been worth stealing and would have been easily noticed.

What if Jesus spent His ministry giving away His huge wealth? This would certainly gather a crowd and generate publicity! It would also authenticate His message. We know Jesus and His disciples gave to the poor but we tend to think of it in pennies rather than big amounts.

In JESUS: MILLIONAIRE I point out that the disciples were businessmen who were so impressed with Jesus’ lifestyle they left their own for something better. Do we really believe the religious fables that these responsible men, some of them with families, left their livelihoods to hang out with a beatnik hippy Rabbi with no money?

People in business are not normally impressed by poverty or peddlers of poverty. So Jesus clearly wasn’t poor or looking like it.  When this Man walked in, everybody wanted what He had! And if you think that this was just peace of mind and other spiritual attributes, you are kidding yourself on. This Man looked like a King and lived like a King. He had it together in every way. This is what attracted people to Him.

Is Jesus’ example of giving lavishly to the poor maybe the inspiration for Zaccheus becoming generous (see Luke 19:1-10)?

Did Jesus model His own teaching by distributing the lavish fortune He was given as a child and had probably grown extensively in business to the poor in His ministry?

It is speculation, yes, but it does fit the narrative.

Do we really think that Jesus put such emphasis on the poor yet only managed to give them a trickle of funds during His time ministering to them?

It is time we re-thought these things. Religiosity has too long held sway over our thinking on these matters.

It is time for us to face the stark reality that if Jesus was poor on the earth prior to the Cross, God has some explaining to do.

Read the book to find out why!

The Sign Of The Dollar

dollartHave you ever noticed how the dollar sign resembles a serpent on a pole?

I don’t believe this is an accident.

Some people believe it comes from the sign of Hermes, the Greek god of commerce but we know that counterfeiting the true is a ploy of the evil one.

The serpent on a pole is biblical:

Then they journeyed from Mount Hor by the Way of the Red Sea, to go around the land of Edom; and the soul of the people became very discouraged on the way. And the people spoke against God and against Moses: “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no food and no water, and our soul loathes this worthless bread.” So the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and many of the people of Israel died. Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, “We have sinned, for we have spoken against the Lord and against you; pray to the Lord that He take away the serpents from us.” So Moses prayed for the people. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, shall live.” So Moses made a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole; and so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived. NUMBERS 31:4-9 NKJV

This serpent – or nehushtan was a type of Christ, signifying the Saviour’s death on the cross, where He became sin for us and took our sicknesses and diseases upon Him. It is used as a symbol of the medical profession to this day. Those Israelites who were bitten by the fiery serpents were healed by only a look at Moses’ bronze (some translations say brass) serpent. There is life for a look at the crucified One, as the old song says.

Seeing your sin upon Jesus brings you salvation. Seeing your sickness upon Him is health and healing to you. He bore both sin and sickness in our stead. It is important to note that Jesus became sin on the cross. He took upon Him our Adamic, serpent nature.

So what does this have to do with the dollar sign?

Everything is the answer.

You see, it is God’s will that we be delivered from evil. Jesus actually instructed us to pray this in Matthew chapter 6. We are to pray “Deliver us from evil.”

As Bill Johnson often points out, the Greek word for “evil” here is poneros.  It came from the word ponos, which means “pain.” And that word came from the root word penes, which means “poor.” This is what Jesus came to destroy: evil-sin, pain-sickness and poor-poverty.

The root of all evil is lack. This produces poverty spiritually – sin is to fall short of God’s glory. Poverty in the body is lack of good health. And poverty in your finances is to lack what you need to live a satisfying life.

The dollar sign reminds us of God’s remedy for man’s lack in every realm i.e. the crucified Christ. Jesus bore all OUR evil in Himself on the cross. The dollar sign is thus a symbol of our redemption. Jesus paid the ransom price to set us free. He who knew no sin and in whom was no evil or death became the sinful, sick and broke US on the cross, in exchange for HIS righteousness, His life and His riches in glory.

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might be rich. 2 CORINTHIANS 8:9 KJVER

Remember that the Romans viewed crucifixion as much more than a form of capital punishment. To the Romans, crucifixion was a statement of Rome’s power and its right to utterly impoverish all who opposed this power. Crucifixion was, to the Romans, the ultimate form of bankruptcy and was implemented as a very public lesson to any with seditious thoughts.

Crucified victims were stripped naked to ram home the message that Roman rule meant you were owned by the empire.

Jesus bore excruciating poverty on every level in order that we could walk in infinite, superabundant supply.

When you look at the dollar sign, do not think of mere money. Think of the destitution that was in your old self and how that destitute old self was nailed to the tree in Christ. Christ bore your Adamic nature and took your poverty in every area upon Him.

He was the serpent on the pole, bearing all your evil.

It is LIFE, PEACE and JOY to gaze upon Him crucified.

And now you can walk in plenty, knowing no lack or fear thereof.

You are the redeemed, the rich and the righteous!

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by being made a curse for us—as it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree” — so that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. GALATIANS 3:13,14 MEV

See your poverty upon Jesus as He hung on the cross. Now, see yourself as walking in His riches in glory. These riches belong to you.


Wealth With A Purpose

Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God. 2 CORINTHIANS 9:11 KJVER

Very often the life of faith is lived in paradox. This means living in the tension between two seemingly opposing thoughts. For example, we are supposed to live in peace with all men and we serve the Prince of Peace. However, Jesus Himself said He came not to bring peace but a sword.

Scripture has plenty of such apparent contradictions. The truth is, they are not so much contradictory as accepting of the fact that life on this planet has many variables and is lived in a state of flux. There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. There are appropriate times and seasons for things.

Another paradox is that God has given us abundant scriptural warrant to believe Him for success and prosperity in the economic realm. We are created to be productive and multiply – and money is a massive part of this. He gives us power to get wealth and Jesus died to get Abraham’s billionaire blessing on us (see Deuteronomy 8:18 and Galatians 3:13,14). Yet we are to be content if we have our basic needs met (1 Timothy 6:8). That is some paradox!

It is an easily explained one. You are supposed to desire increase in your finances. But not for purposes of avarice.

You see, the paradox is this: Prosperity is about YOU. But prosperity is not about YOU.

God wants you rich, yes. No question about that. And your faith is involved. Now, since faith works by desire (Mark 11:22-24), you need to desire financial abundance in order for your faith to have a target. But you are not supposed to want to get rich (1 Timothy 6). A conundrum indeed.

The answer to it all is your MOTIVE or PURPOSE in getting rich.

This verse brings it out perfectly:

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: 2 CORINTHIANS 9:8

God multiplies favour toward us so that we can have all sufficiency in all things. This is not just about managing, this is living in plenty. As we overflow in our own circumstances we can then abound to every good work. Notice it says ABOUND, not just give a little.

You have to catch the spirit of this.

This is about abounding personally FOR THE PURPOSE OF ABOUNDING TO OTHERS!!! Your personal increase is based upon the desire to bless others. Now, it is not wrong to want to prosper. It is not wrong to desire better things, bigger houses, nicer clothes, faster cars. Especially if you want to give your family a better life. And that is the clue: you want to prosper for others’ sake.

We can even see this in the world system. Wealthy people often give a massive part of their wealth away to good causes. Now, if you will have this heart for others in your dealings financially, you qualify for extreme abundance! On the other hand, if you want to be Mr Big, you are setting yourself up for ruin. It just makes good sense that God has reserved ultra wealth for people who are happy to use their wealth to bless those less fortunate than themselves.

Maybe this spirit of generosity explains why some of the super-rich get their money – because they are prepared to give so much away. Worth a thought… Remember that God sees the heart.

We can also see how this applies to the Abrahamic Covenant.

Now the LORD had said to Abram:
“Get out of your country,
From your family
And from your father’s house,
To a land that I will show you.
I will make you a great nation;
I will bless you
And make your name great;
And you shall be a blessing.
I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

blessed-to-be-a-blessingWe see that God promises here to bless Abraham personally and make his name great. But it wasn’t to stop at Abraham! He was not just to be blessed, HE WAS TO BE A BLESSING! This is where we get the phrase “blessed to be a blessing.”

Not only that, all the families of the earth are to be blessed in Abraham and his seed. This is no small enterprise; this is a massive global program involving everyone.

Your prosperity is linked to the divine purpose of the Abrahamic Covenant! You are to prosper so that others may prosper!

This brings us back to our verse at the start:

Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God. 2 CORINTHIANS 9:11 KJVER

We are to be made rich in every way so that we can be bountiful in our giving. Thus we will fulfill our side of the Abrahamic Covenant in terms of our financial and economic commitment. God’s side is to give us power to get wealth on this planet (Deuteronomy 8:18), to enrich us in everything.

Wealth with a purpose is not about curbing your ambitions but is about refining them. The purpose of our being rich is to manifest what is ours in glory realms so that others can be blessed by this.

Think of it this way: God’s business is blessing you; your business is blessing others. Our job is to be blessed so that we can bless others.

You can be as rich as you want to be if you will simply channel your blessings to a world that needs them.

Wealth God’s Way

Teach and command these things. Anyone who teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to godly doctrine is conceited and knows nothing. He has a morbid disposition for controversy and verbal disputes, from which come envy, strife, blasphemies, evil speculations,  constant disputes by men of corrupt minds, being destitute of the truth, and supposing that financial gain is godliness. Withdraw yourself from such men.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out.  If we have food and clothing, we shall be content with these things. But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and into many foolish and harmful lusts, which drown men in ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all evil. While coveting after money, some have strayed from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 TIMOTHY 6:2-10 MEV

Money is not the root of all evil, as some erroneously teach; the love of it is. This is because the love of money is a manifestation of fear, specifically fear of lack. This was the original sin that Eve fell into – believing the lie of lack. Lucifer himself believed this lie (Ezekiel 28:4,5,15,16) and became Satan – the adversary – i.e. the one who opposes himself.

It is inconceivable that any lack could come from God. Lack only exists in consciousness and that is consciousness defiled by the lie that lack is your portion. Iniquity began in Lucifer when he saw himself as lacking status, authority and wealth. Eve believed the lie that she lacked something to make her godlike. The truth is, she and Adam were already perfectly like their Creator and lacked nothing. The lie was that the thing forbidden them – fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil – would have given them more than they had or made them more than they were. The truth was, eating this fruit would make them less. Believing the lie, they ended up indeed lacking.

All Satan has to offer is lack. God is the King of Abundance. Satan cannot offer anything but deception.

Millions on planet earth oppose themselves because they believe in scarcity. They choose to live in the evil one’s kingdom of lack. There is no lack in the Kingdom of God. The believer has complete access to the resources of this Kingdom and is free to manifest these resources on this planet through faith. So the Christian need not live in the scarcity paradigm of this world system.

That said, Paul here dismantles a possible deception that people who have wealth are therefore all believers. He says that financial gain does not necessarily equate to godliness. People often cheat, steal and swindle their way to financial plenty. So wealth is no guarantee of godliness.

Yet, right on the other hand, Paul says that godliness is a guarantee of financial success. Money might not be proof that you have God but having God in your life is great gain. Of course, this is spiritual gain but the riches in glory are meant to be manifest on this plane. So financial abundance is available, provided it comes the right way. That way is the way of stewardship.

Walking in the billionaire blessing of Abraham is your covenant right and you can manifest unlimited wealth here in this life. But the purpose of this billionaire blessing is not to make you JR Ewing; it is to make you a distributor of Kingdom resources. You are here to manifest wealth for Kingdom purposes, not to build your own empire and be like the tycoons of the world system.

In terms of your own material needs, you can be, as Paul says here, content with just having your basic needs met, such as food and clothing. But if you have a family to feed or a payroll to meet, you need much more than subsistence levels of supply. If others depend on you, you simply must have abundance.

Groups such as the Puritans have exemplified this. Many Puritans lived frugal lives, eschewing ostentatious displays of wealth yet racking up huge fortunes, out of which they built schools, universities and churches and helped the poor. These believers had a highly developed sense of stewardship in their endeavours as well as great faith in their election by God to exercise dominion in society.

A man or woman enthused with a purpose in building wealth for the sake of the Kingdom is an unstoppable force.

The determining factor here is which system we are operating under. We are either desiring to manifest Kingdom resources as stewards or desiring to get rich in the natural. It is the latter system which will see us brought to ruin and pierced through with many sorrows. That is the Mammon system of this world, the Babylonian economy God has purposed to destroy.

We see this in these verses further on in 1 Timothy chapter 6:

Command those who are rich in this world that they not be conceited, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who richly gives us all things to enjoy. Command that they do good, that they be rich in good works, generous, willing to share, and laying up in store for themselves a good foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of eternal life. 1 TIMOTHY 6:17-19 MEV

Here Paul gives a charge to those who are “rich in this world.” He is addressing those who have money and giving a way for people who have money to bring their riches under stewardship and make them Kingdom resources. It is alright to be rich but don’t trust the world system of economics.It is okay to be rich in the world if God is your Source.

That is the key to it all. Whether you made your money wheeling and dealing in the world system or by the Kingdom system, you make your wealth holy by placing it under the Lordship of Christ and calling it Kingdom!

Godliness with contentment is great gain. This means you function in the Kingdom, with God as your Source. Without that sense of inner contentment it is easy to get sucked into a place where you fear lack and begin to function in the world system of avarice again.

Functioning in the Kingdom is recognising – BY FAITH – that you are an heir of the Kingdom and that all things are yours. You are a partaker in Abraham’s billionaire blessing and that there is no lack to you because you fear YHWH. You MUST develop consciousness in this wonderful truth because what you retain in consciousness is what will manifest in your life.

There is no “getting rich” for the believer, only manifesting on this physical plane what belongs to you already in glory realms. You are already rich and superabundantly funded over there in the invisible Kingdom of God!! As Paul says here in 1 Timothy, those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare i.e. a trap. The trap is that they are locking themselves out of Kingdom reality, where all needs are already supplied and our wealth is infinite. This trap is being locked into the carnal realm of lust and Paul calls it straying from the faith and thus they have pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Unnecessary ones.

When you drop out of faith and love, you end up mired in fear and lust. Faith knows that God has supplied already because faith recognises the love of God toward us. But fear sees lack and cannot recognise the love so the auto response of the fearful man or woman is then to lust after that which he/she perceives he/she lacks. Lust is energised by fear of lack and is the opposite of faith.

We could say it this way: Money is not God but can become so to the fearful man or woman. This is serving Mammon. It is fear-based economics. But to the covenant man or woman, God is money. He is our Source of supply and our portion. He is our gold and silver.

Yes, the Almighty will be your gold and your precious silver; JOB 22:25 MEV

Wealth on its own is nothing. It is no proof of godliness or relationship with God. But a relationship with God IS a guarantee of provision, plenty and prosperity. He is our Provider, our Financier and our Backer. In Genesis 15:1 God tells us He is our exceedingly great reward, the literal Hebrew of which means our rapidly-increasing money supply!

Now, as I said, this is not to make us all tycoons like those men rich in the world system. It is as we read here in 1 Timothy, to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, willing to share, and to lay up in store for ourselves a good foundation for the coming age, so that we may take hold of eternal life.

This is wealth and abundance with a purpose, which is to help plant the Kingdom of Heaven here on planet earth. It is stewardship business and carnal men and women have no part in it. It is selfless service because it necessitates the acceptance of responsibility on the part of we stewards to handle money and administer it for Kingdom purposes. We do not wish to be lazy stewards who refuse to multiply the resources given to us.

One last word on this for now. If you have a steward’s heart, you can enjoy the wealth. God gives us richly and lavishly – not stingily and sparsely – all things to enjoy. It is not wrong to have fun being wealthy and to rejoice in seeing the Kingdom manifest in your life. It is okay to have money, dear brother and sister. Just don’t let the money have you. Knowing how to abound is as much a part of living as knowing how to stay strong in faith during lean times.

Just remember that God has pleasure in your prosperity when it comes His way.