YOU The King And Billionaire


The inner you is a billionaire.


This inner you is the real you, the eternal you, the spirit man.

Man is a tripartite being. He is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body.

The soul is the interface between the real you, which is the spirit man, and the body. The body is just an earth suit that houses the real you while you are on this planet.

While you live in it, it is a temple because it houses the Holy Spirit, Who is God in the earth.

Now all of this applies if you are in relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The minute you become a Christian, you enter into billionaire status.

This is because of what happened at the cross.

We see it here in Galatians chapter 3:-

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree),
that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.  GALATIANS 3:13.14 VW

We see here that Jesus was made a curse for us. That is to say, He – the Blessed One – took our cursed condition upon Him so that we could be blessed.

You will see that this blessing is the covenanted Blessing of Abraham. Jesus died so that we could be blessed with Abraham’s billionaire blessing!

Abraham was so rich the country could hardly contain his stuff. He was blessed in all things and had his own private army. He was the confederate and confidant of kings.

Romans 4:13 actually states that the whole planet is the property of Abraham in relation to God’s covenant promise. Abraham was the covenant partner of Almighty God, the Possessor of heaven and earth.

We that are in Christ are blessed with Abraham’s blessing. This includes incalculable wealth and economic dominion.

It really freaks religious spirits out when you say that Jesus died to make us billionaires! It’s okay to talk about having a little cabin in the glory when we die but when you start to talk about invading the 7 Mountains and taking dominion here, that’s when you find out who is spiritual and who is bound by religious devils.

Religion always puts the glory off to the future. Spiritual people can’t exist for a second without the glory and so for us, we are pressing in all the time. This scares people who fret about the love of money because they think if they get a lot of money, it will corrupt them.

God has a great answer for this. It called STEWARDSHIP. Stewards know that they are handling great wealth for Another. When you have the heart of a steward, you don’t need to concern yourself about the love of money.

Stewards are accountable and are tasked with one big thing – the multiplication of that which is entrusted to them.

Masters expect stewards to multiply the investments and resources they are charged with managing.

The next great move of God will be the wealth transfer of the nations to the people of God. Some folks are going to be given wealth they never dreamed of walking in. Some folks, sadly, might fight this move of God. But God is looking for faithful stewards that He can entrust with great wealth.

The coming age will be the billionaire era of the church because it will be the stewardship age of the church.

The time is coming when dominion will be given to the saints of the Most High. This will necessitate the stewarding of massive wealth and resources,

Those who will not be faithful to take their place as stewards because they know better than their Master and because money is “beneath them” will receive the sternest rebuke.

We are not here for our own purposes but for His purpose.

That purpose includes the mandate to invade the Mammon economy, dismantle it and replace it with His Kingdom.

No matter what anyone thinks about it, God will have a people who walk in these things.

That doesn’t mean to say we need to wait for the move of God to reach completion.

Part of the fun of being a believer is that we can walk in the power of the age to come right NOW! Look at David. His heart of worship kept pulling from God a response that meant David walked in the revelation and reality of things way before his time.

For example, 1,000 years before Jesus walked the earth, David had a revelation of Him seated at the right hand of YHWH. And he declared that this One seated at YHWH’s right hand was his own personal Lord and Master!

YHWH said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.     PSALM 110:1

The Tabernacle of David was “out of time” in that it had a lot to do with the New Testament in style and essence.

And David ate the shewbread with his men, that is the holy bread only priests could eat.

What is interesting is that David’s relationship with God brought a reaction that allowed David to walk in things long before his time.

We could say that David’s kingdom and Throne were themselves evidences of this.

We could also say – with reverence – that he and Solomon walked in the realms of dominion and glory that we are to walk in at the end of time.

This is why Jesus said to seek first the Kingdom.

Knowing the real YOU i.e. the king, the billionaire, is the key to walking in that capacity.


How To Buy Yourself Some Favour

Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness… LUKE 16:9

Jesus gives advice here which is both profoundly spiritual and completely practical.

We could say it like this: Be savvy with money. Use it to pave a path of favour for yourself.

Financial dominion is not about being a boor – it is about using money to bless others while prospering yourself.

The great danger for spiritual people is that they lose the common touch; they try to distance themselves from money as something vulgar and dangerous to their spirituality. These “spiritual” people look down on others who who are money-savvy.

But Jesus tells us here to make friends with money. Use money strategically to create friendships with others. This doesn’t mean bribery or extortion, it is all about sowing seeds and investing in people.

Blessing others financially is to be a lifestyle, not a manipulative tool. You can reduce or eradicate debts owed by others or you can give them gifts. The point is, be generous and relieve any financial pressure on people.

It only makes sense to do this if you want to walk free of economic oppression in your own life. As you sow seeds of financial liberation in the lives of others, you will reap the harvest in your own life.

Those who fear that they will succumb to the love of money should be aware that the Lord is giving us the key here to stay clear of it. Focusing on others and desiring to see them blessed is a sure fire way to be blessed ourselves – and is also the key to having the sting of avarice taken away.

In this manner the mammon of unrighteousness becomes clean money – it is laundered by generosity and love. Remember that fear is what drives the whole system of mammon and that fear leads to self-interest and self-absorption. By looking to see others blessed, we remove ourselves from the mammon/fear system that most of the world lives under. We rise out of selfishness into “othersness.”

When we are truly Jesus-centred, our focus will be on others. God wants to take us from self-centredness into a place where we become Jesus-focused. That isn’t our destination point, however. No, the destination point is to become Jesus-centred and then, like Him, we will live to bless others.

For the most part, our society is run by people absorbed with self-interest. They try to present themselves as being for others but only the gullible are fooled by our politicians and the business interests that run them.

God wants to invade this system with His Kingdom and transform it. He is looking to dismantle the mammon system of fear and selfishness and replace it with a love and generosity culture. In this new paradigm, the genuinely poor will be set free from oppression and blessed with plenty. Injustices will be righted and removed in the Kingdom.

The entire process doesn’t begin by God destroying the mammon system. In our naivety we used to think that way. And maybe there was the touch of the Sons of Thunder about our thinking.

No, the process begins by doing something different with that which is the problem itself. Money has become unrighteous, tainted by millenia of avarice, greed and corruption. But it’s what you do with the money in your pocket today that will determine planet earth’s future, not the thousands of years of history.

You want to be a world-changer?

Make friends with the filthy lucre in your wallet – and see what happens.