Prosperity Gospel Lies!

If you believe a lie, you will devastate your life.

You simply cannot afford to believe a lie about money. Sadly, the so-called “prosperity gospel” tells one of the biggest whoppers ever known to humankind. It is this: God makes you rich by your giving. Now I know some of you have your feathers ruffled and you may even have testimony to the opposite i.e. you may have given to God and seen it return multiplied to you. That’s nice. I have testimonies like that too. I didn’t say God wasn’t in the multiplying-back-to-you business. I said it was a lie that God makes you rich by your giving.

If you give God £1 coins and He keeps giving you back £100, any fool can work out it won’t be long before you can be called rich. But that still isn’t how God makes you rich. God made you rich long before you ever got into the subject of prosperity. 2 Corinthians 8:9 tells us that Jesus was made poor so that we can be rich. This refers to the cross, where Jesus experienced the Roman sentence of crucifixion. Crucifixion wasn’t meant just as a capital punishment; it was an economic judgment designed to imprint on the minds of those who saw crucifixion victims the power of Rome to utterly strip them of everything they had and were. Our sanitised pictures of the crucified Jesus allow Him the dignity of a loincloth, something the Romans definitely would not. Nakedness was a symbol of the impoverishment experienced by those who dared oppose Rome.

Jesus became poor at the cross so that the blessing of Abraham could come upon the nations. This blessing was, in modern parlance, a billionaire blessing since Abraham’s wealth was off the charts even in his day. If it offends you that the Holy Spirit inspired Galatians 3:13,14 to get this marvellous truth across to us, then you need to deal with religiosity. The simple truth is that financial and economic success is our covenant right and is in the atonement. Jesus had to endure utter impoverishment at the cross so that God’s compact with Abraham and the fathers could be actualised in our lives. The glorious reality is that every believer is thus rich BY GRACE!! Note that 2 Corinthians 8:9 says just that – “You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ…”

Prosperity is thus a grace issue, not a performance issue. You don’t have to give to preachers – me included – to get rich. I tell my folks this and guess what? They are getting rich! By that I mean they believe they are rich already and it shows up in their lives. One member of our church recently got a happy five-figure surprise when he went to the ATM! And you know what they do? Shrug their shoulders, say “Oh that’s Abraham’s blessing manifesting AGAIN. Thank You, Lord!” and then they move on, believing for more.

There is no “getting rich” for the Christian. The truth is, you GOT RICH at Calvary. And money was by no means all of it or even remotely the most precious part of it. But it is an important part. You need money to function and perform the task God has called you to do. When you understand that you don’t “get” rich – you ARE rich – it strips the potency of avarice over your life. You don’t have to get rich anymore! You just believe you are funded. It works!! You need faith for salvation, for healing, for deliverance and for everything God gives. Why would you suppose prosperity would be any different? But so-called prosperity preachers will tell you that you have to give to God before He gives to you.

That is a lie from the pit of hell and I don’t apologise for saying so.

But let me say this. You should give to preachers and ministries (i.e. good ones) because it is biblical and God-ordained to do so. And God will certainly see to it that your money is multiplied back to you when you sow in good soil. Because giving is designed by God to make you richer. You already got rich at the cross. But now you can use the power of multiplication to get even richer. It is the continued pouring-in of grace and favour that makes you rich (see 2 Cor. 9:8); then it is in your hands to multiply it even more by giving (2 Cor. 9:8-11)! God will even multiply your seed for sowing, as well as your seed sown i.e. He will supernaturally multiply your seed before you sow, thus multiplying your harvest!

This isn’t splitting hairs. You cannot afford to believe that God makes you rich because of something you do i.e. give money to ministries. That means your wealth is based on your works. You must believe the Word – that He makes you rich because you are blessed with Abraham’s blessing. When Abraham first heard this good news, he just accepted it in faith! And God accounted it to him for righteousness! In other words, Abraham’s right to walk in the billionaire class was by simply believing that God said he could! And the wealth showed up in Abraham’s life to back up what God said.

If you will simply believe you can walk in the same deal as Abraham, it will show up in yours too!

For biblical proof and extra-biblical evidence that Jesus walked in Abraham’s billionaire blessing, please request my book: Jesus: Millionaire