The Foundation Of True Wealth

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I often say that wealth is an inside job. By this I mean your consciousness of who you are and what you have is your actual wealth. The Bible calls this faith. Faith is not, contrary to what people think, a lesser reality than manifestation. When you are in the process of believing i.e. “in faith” for healing, this is not less substantial than when the healing manifests. The word “substantial” is the key to understanding what I mean. You see, the Greek word for “substance” is hupostasis. This is one of the most fascinating words in the Bible. It means “that which stands under” i.e. the real essence of a thing. W.E. Vine says that it “has the meaning of the real nature of that to which reference is made in contrast to the outward manifestation.”

In other words, faith is the heavenly materiality that is the source of our blessings. It’s more real in heaven than it is here and it’s more real when we are going through the process of bringing it from the multi-dimensional realm of glory than when it shows up here. Your healing is eternal; it cannot be destroyed in the glory. In this temporal realm, it can be lost as this is the realm which is subject to change. Wealth is no different. In the eternal realm you are rich beyond the scope of human understanding. You are a child and heir of the Infinite One. You are a joint-inheritor with Christ Jesus of all your Father has and is. Consciousness of this is your true wealth in life, not what you have manifested.

The time is coming and now is when men will be valued and ranked for their inner wealth, not their manifest possessions. Those who are spiritual will understand this passage is one of the greatest prosperity passages in the Bible:

For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.
And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power.

These verses tell you that you have already arrived. You are already all you ever will be. Two things are now required. Firstly, that you saturate yourself with the consciousness of this. Secondly, that such consciousness brings manifestation beyond your ability to imagine.